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A society wherein certain people earn their livings through such sabotage cannot fare any better! Such conditions breed crime as well. But I am not going to allow a bunch of criminals to rob people of what is rightfully theirs. I will do my best to see justice is done. Perhaps one person cannot uproot injustice, but he can at least do his best to return peace to people! I, Mohammad Afshar, shall not allow murderers to get away with their crimes at all cost!




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:Dark Years Key Features

1. More than 10 hour of gameplay 2. Two playable characters 3. A deep, complex, multi-dimensional story 4. More than 22 main characters with 3000 lines of dialogue 5. Open-world environment and drastic artificial intelligence (free driving in London and Tehran 1953) 6. Vast and nostalgic environment of Iran and England7. More than 20 indoor environments including prisons, retired officers’ center. 8. Epic cinematic narration of the story in 15 cut-scenes 9. More than 8 simulated cars 10. More than 20 minutes of professionally made music 11. Interactive cinematics 12. Bonus missions based on historical documents 13. Interactive and challenging puzzles 14. More than 150 full-colored concepts 15. Conceptive design for all of the game characters


Art Works


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Dark Years Story Highlights


The Dark YEARS is a revolution in 3D adventure game with biggest environment and amazing story telling, You want know more?  OK  , Click here




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